Shrugs and shawls can be mailed to

Mary Langdon

1 Redwood Road

Martinsville, NJ 08836

 We've really been inspired by Jessica Potasz and her Blanket Sweaters.  Check out Jessica's blog, Mama in a Stitch, by clicking the link and search for her free Blanket Sweater patterns.   She has a few designs to choose from in different weight yarns in both knit and crochet patterns.  

Thanks for the inspiration Stitch Mama!!

Please sign up and follow our blog.  We share yarn and pattern ideas for shrugs and have a post with commonly asked questions.  Our intention is to help you feel connected to our community and to keep you "in the loop". 

We encourage all of our knit and crochet helpers to attach a handwritten note with their shrug/shawl.  This really personalizes each Stay Strong Tote and makes your tote a gift from YOU!   We are creating a community of support together and you deserve to be recognized for your effort.  You can add your own note or print out one of our cards to write your message on.  Your message doesn't have to be lengthy.  A simple message like "Handmade for you with love in every stitch.  Stay Strong!"  Then add your name and hometown.  It can be really difficult finding comforting words for a mom fighting alongside her seriously ill child.  Hopefully, each mom will feel our love and support when she wraps up in one of our shrugs or shawls.

The Stay Strong Tote Foundation

       Sending hugs through shrugs

                                    . . . & shawls

​​Shrugs and shawls for Central New Jersey Ronald McDonald House can be dropped off at the Washington Valley Library in Martinsville.  Library hours are Monday - Friday 2:00-4:00, Thursday 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-9:00 and Saturday 10:00-12:00.  

Sending Hugs through Shrugs . . . & Shawls

Traditionally, knitters and crocheters have made and given shawls as a gift of comfort during difficult times. However, we have found that a simple shrug can be just as comforting but stays on effortlessly - something we have been told has been greatly appreciated by our busy moms.   Any finished fabric that measures somewhere between 48-55" wide (wrist to wrist) by approximately 28-32" from top to bottom can be seamed into a shrug.  Our most basic pattern, demonstrates the process, but once you've made one, you'll discover how any stitch pattern, knit or crochet, with any weight yarn or needle/hook size can be applied to create a shrug.