Stay Strong Totes are care packages that we at the Stay Strong Tote foundation create and donate to Ronald McDonald Houses for their incoming moms who will be spending many hours waiting with their children while they are being treated in a nearby hospital.  Each tote includes a number of personal care items:  hand sanitizer, hand cream, nail file, tissues, and lip balm, as well as some handy items to help pass the time:  a pen and journal, colored pencils, a sharpener and a package of postcards to color that moms can use as "thank you's" to mail home.  Most of these items are donated and are available on our Amazon wishlist.  

Thanks to the generosity of the knit and crochet community, our totes also include handmade shrugs and shawls.  The intention of these gifts are to wrap some love and comfort around these strong moms.  Traditionally, shawls (prayer shawls) are used for this purpose, however, we've been told that our shrugs offer the same comfort as a shawl but due to the simple sleeves, they effortlessly stay on.  Knit and crochet groups make shrugs for their local RMD House and notify us when they are ready to ship or deliver.  We then mail a matching number of Stay Strong totes - including gift items - directly to that RMD House.  Knitters and crocheters are encouraged to include a handwritten note with their shrug or shawl.    Group coordinators can request a stack of our pre-printed notecards.  If you don't belong to a group, you can print your own card from our PDF.

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